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Lepidolite Pocket Crystal Butterfly - Balance



This beautiful Lepidolite Pocket Crystal Butterfly has been designed to be the ultimate pocket-sized meaningful gift for someone special.

Each Pocket Crystal includes a crystal figurine, a beautiful card with each crystal's unique meaning and properties, all within a matching bag.  Each figurine has been crafted in solid crystal. 

Lepidolite is an instantly soothing crystal with calming properties. This crystal helps us to stay in the present, clears an overactive mind, promotes feelings of peace and relieves stress and anxiety. Hold this crystal close to help cleanse your energy to bring your mind, body and soul into balance.

Crystals and stones make a powerful gift for a friend, partner, family member or loved one, as they reflect the knowledge you have about that person and what they need or require in their life, and what is important to them. Apart from this, they also look and feel beautiful and their healing and protective powers will benefit the receiver. 

  • Includes lepidolite butterfly crystal, card with crystal properties and meaning and fabric drawstring bag.
  • Length of crystal butterfly = 5cm
  • Width of crystal butterfly = 3.5cm
  • Depth of crystal butterfly = 1cm
  • Material = lepidolite
  • Please note each crystal is unique and therefore colours and patterns can vary particularly with lepidolite which can be very light to dark purple.