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We were looking to buy a shed for a while and received a few quotes from different places. We checked out sheds at the local big home improvement stores and everything we looked at for the size we wanted was more than we could budget for. Then, while I was searching for sheds I stumbled on to this one. I wasn't sure if I should call the number, but I did anyway and I was quite glad. The price was great but I was still skeptic that once I started telling Troy what we wanted the price would jump, well it didn't. The quality was great and the price was great, I couldn't be more thrilled.   Eileen - Murphy, ID
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"It was November and we were worried about the weather and how we would find the time to build a much needed shed. My husband saw Troy's ad on Tuesday and called for an estimate. Construction started the next day and by the following weekend our shed was completed. Troy worked fast and he built a very attractive, super storage shed for a realistic price.
Tim and CJ - Nampa, ID
The Shed Story - Needed: one shed large enough to put ALL our lawn/garden equipment, tools, sprayers’ hoses etc.  You get the big Picture. We shopped online at the big home improvement stores and everywhere else we could think of. We needed a shed that was ideally 12x16 but could not afford the $5999.99 price tag. So we were scaling it down to 10x12, because that is what we could afford. Troy Stucki was a life saver!!! He went and researched the shed style(barn with a loft), design and specifications and proposed that he could build the size and style we wanted for a lot less. He purchased all of the materials he needed and went to work building the 12x16 shed. He was able to build it within a weeks’ time. His professionalism and his attention to detail was great. This is not the first project that Troy has helped us with and it will probably not be the last. Thanks Troy for such a wonderful job!  The Stout Family - Nampa, ID
We were originally looking for as much square footage in a shed for light storage needs that could double as a workshop. As anyone that has tried to build a shed 120 sq. ft. or larger in Meridian is aware permits are required. We checked the local home improvement stores and local shed companies and found Troy's ad. We evaluated each of the options and for the price, options, and size we wanted and Troy won the bid hands down. He was able to meet my custom shed requirements, gather the required permits, and the quality is great. I now have new custom shed/workshop! Thanks Troy!
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I cannot say enough positive about Troy Stucki. He answered my initial inquiry quickly and gave me a quote based on my needs. His workmanship is A+++; and I chose him to build my storage shed based on the positive reviews on his web site. I was not disappointed at all, ifact, he is even better! His attention to details amazed me. He told me that he builds sheds just like he builds homes and it should last forever. After comparing the sheds from the big box stores, there is no comparison.
Thanks Troy for such a nice "little house"!