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Our Standard Sheds and Features
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We build our sheds with quality material and workmanship from the ground up.
A 2x8 joist which we set 2' on center. The 2x8 joists are framed and set upon concrete pier blocks and leveled.
Pier Block
Floor Tongue and Groove
We then attach a 6 mil. plastic weather barrier. The floor is ¾" tongue and groove OSB glued and nailed into place.
Walls and Trusses
8 ft Standard Wall Height
Metal Gussets
Walls are 8' 2x4s for our standard wall height. The studs are placed 16" on center with a double top plate for added strength just like you see in a home.
Trusses are custom built and fastened together with metal gussets.
Blocked Trusses
Loft Area
After each truss is set, each one is blocked for added strength.
We also provide a loft area for extra out of the way storage.
Shed Siding
Siding is Shop/Garage siding used on the exterior walls. We trim it out with 4" trim.
4 - 6 Inch Overhang
Garage Vents
Our Standard sheds also include 4" - 6" soffit and fascia, which gives the shed more of a "garage look".
Two vents are placed in the front and back also with trim.
30 Year Shingle
Roof Underlayment
Roofing is a 7/16" wafer board which is topped with a felt underlayment and a 30 year architectural shingle.
Doors and Paint
Doors are custom built with a heavy duty hardware
Two Coats of Paint
Paint is applied in two coats over the already pre-primed siding. Before the paint is applied, everthing is caulked to assure the shed is water tight.
Time to get all the excessive stuff out of the house and garage and into the shed!
Roof Options
Choose from Three Roof Styles included in the Standard Feature
Gable Style
Barn Style
Lean To Style
Gable Style
Barn Style
Lean-To Style
The above is for our Standard Priced Shed. We also can upgrade to your needs. Upgrades may include:
Concrete Slab 1
Concrete Slab 2
Concrete Slab
Extra Door
Extra Door or
Full Size Metal Door
Rollup Door
Rollup Garage Door
Window Planter
Window Planter
Window Shutters
Window Shutters
OSB Weather Barrier
OSB Weather
Barrier, Lap Side
Lap Siding
Lap Siding
Extra Storage
Extra Storage Shelving
Storage Shed Ramps
Storage Shed Ramps
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